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Aluminium Cookware

  • Like copper, aluminium pans must be of a good thickness (at least 2mm) to stand up to wear and give good results
  • Do not subject aluminium to sudden changes of temperature. Always heat pans slowly and let them cool off before plunging them into water.
  • Clean with detergent and a brush or nylon pad.
  • Soak any burned on food and if necessary lightly scrub the pan with a piece of steel wool.
  • Never leave or store food after cooking in an aluminium pan as food acids will corrode the surface.
  • Some foods: spinach, artichokes, asparagus and egg based sauces have chemicals that can cause aluminium to oxidise i.e. blacken.
  • Do not put aluminium pans in a dishwasher.
  • Do not use an oxidised pan as some acidic foods: tomatoes, citrus fruits, rhubarb and wine corrode the oxidised surface.
  • The metal of an oxidised pan will also eventually deteriorate and start to pit.

    The best quality aluminium pans have a thick ground base and are suitable for all types of hob except induction.

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