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Wedding & Gift List Details

A tailor made gift list

Preparing for an event can be a very exciting time, and choosing your gifts can be a very enjoyable experience. Everyone has different needs, whether starting a kitchen from scratch with knives and chopping boards, or completing one with specialist luxuries such as a copper sauté pan. We have designed the Divertimenti Wedding & Gift List Service to be flexible to all your requirements. We would like to ensure that you enjoy both the selection process and its result to the utmost.

A wide range of products

Since 1963 Divertimenti has been putting together the most comprehensive range of top quality cookware from all over Europe. Our diverse range of stock, from beautifully hand-crafted Italian and French pottery to the finest precision professional mandolins, offers an exciting selection to everyone who is interested in food.

We understand that once you have bought a dinner or cutlery set through us you would like to know that you will be able to replace broken pieces or extend the set in the future. We try hard not to discontinue any of our tableware ranges, but on rare occasions that we are forced to, we will try to let you know where you can find a similar range.

A personalised service

If you would like to have somebody assist you through the choosing process, you can make an appointment with our wedding & gift list consultants at Brompton Road store. You are very welcome to look around the shop on your own, our sales staff will be pleased to help with any queries.

Open seven days a week

Divertimenti is open Monday through to Sunday. This is convenient for those who find it difficult to take time to prepare their list during the week and of course you can always build and alter your wedding/gift list online at any time.

Online Wedding & Gift List

We are very pleased to offer an online wedding & gift list service as well. You may set up your list online or do so at our Knightsbridge store. Either way we will always put your gift list on our website and let you know how to inform your guests that it is there. Your list will always be available to you, at any time, to adjust, or simply to watch the progression of purchases.

Online gift lists make purchasing a gift so much easier for people, especially those who do not live in the UK.

Invitation inserts

We can supply you with smartly printed cards to send out with your event invitations. These let your guests know where the gift list is held, and also give Divertimenti's address and telephone number as well as the unique code to access your gift site online.

When you have finished selecting your list we will send you a typed copy for confirmation. Thereafter it will be updated at regular intervals, to let you know the gifts that have been purchased and the name and address of the purchaser. We can also e-mail you with copies of your wedding list update or you may prefer to view these details online.

Expert advice for your family and friends

Purchases can be made at either store by telephone or in person. Payment can be made by credit card, debit card or cash. Our staff are happy to go through the list with your guest, showing them the products, and if asked will steer them towards the items that are higher on your list of priorities. An up to date copy of your list can be faxed to the purchasers on request.

Your friends will be given the option to take the present away with them to give to you personally, or leave it here with us to be delivered with the rest of the gifts. They can attach a gift card of their own, or ask us to attach a Divertimenti card with their message. It is your choice whether you have these cards sent on to you separately, with an indication of what the gift is, or to have them attached to the gift.

All gifts purchased online will be stored and dispatched on the date agreed for your delivery.Gift messages will be supplied with your delivery.

Gift wrapping

Presents can be elegantly gift wrapped at no extra charge.

5% discount

You may find that when you come to close the list with us, not all the gifts that you wanted have been bought. For this we are offering a 5% discount on all goods (excluding electrical) left on their lists.

Free gift voucher

If the total value of the gifts purchased exceeds £400.00 we will offer you a gift voucher for the sum of £25.00 to be spent however you like at Divertimenti

Flexible delivery

Divertimenti will make one free of charge delivery of the gifts to a UK mainland delivery address. Deliveries take place Monday to Friday and need to be agreed in advance between the gift list holder(s) and Divertimenti.

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