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Wedding & Gift List Help

To set up a gift service we will need to gather some details from you. You will also need to give us a gift list code – Please bear in mind that this code is case sensitive. This code is the reference that your guests will use to access your list online. You will also need this code to access your own list in order to make alterations etc.

Once you have given us your details and your unique Gift List Code, we will be automatically notified that you are in the process of setting up a gift list with us. Within 24 hours one of our gift list consultants will contact you to discuss delivery and other details.  Call us on 0330 333 0351 (Mon - Fri 10am - 6pm).  Alternatively email us at

Please see our terms and conditions.

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In the meantime you are welcome to start adding items to your list from our online shop straight away.  Just navigate to your chosen product and click on the "Add to Gift List" link below the "Add to Basket" button.

Help with Buying a Gift from a Wedding or Gift List

From the Wedding & Gift List homepage click on the "Buy a Gift" banner.

  1. You must enter the last name(s) of the gift list holder(s) in the format with which they have set it up - Please bear in mind that this is case sensitive. Click "Find Gift List!" button.
  2. You will be presented with the results based on your search criteria. If the list has been password protected you will then have to enter the password as provided by the creator of the gift list - Please bear in mind that this code is case sensitive. Click the "Submit" button.

If you wish to purchase a gift from a list, you must select a quantity from the items row and click on the "Add to basket" button. You will now be taken through the usual checkout process, with the exception of the delivery address as the gifts shall be wrapped and delivered or collected on the wishes of the list holder(s).

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