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The Divertimenti Cookery School is the exciting place to learn more about food and cooking. We offer a range of classes for students of all abilities, from novice to experienced cook. You also receive a 10% Divertimenti shopping discount*

Demonstration Classes offer you the opportunity to look and learn as a leading chef prepares an array of dishes before you. Included in the cost of a Demonstration class is a copy of the recipes, coffee for daytime classes,  a complimentary glass of wine for evening classes and a generous tasting of each dish.  Class size is limited to 16 people.


Hands on

Hands On Classes provide you with the chance to work directly with a chef and prepare the dishes yourself. You’ll work with other students and conclude your class with a meal of your own making to be enjoyed here altogether.  Included in the cost of a hands on class is a copy of the recipes, coffee or tea for daytime classes and a complimentary glass of wine served with the meal. Classes accommodate up to 9 people.

Knife skills

Knife Skills Hands On Masterclasses teach you the whys and hows of knife skills from how to keep your knives razor sharp to how to use your knife to joint poultry and slice and dice fruit and vegetables like a pro. Each student works with a whole chicken to themselves before moving on to practice correct dicing and slicing techniques on vegetables and fruit. The class concludes with lunch or dinner created from the ingredients prepared during the session.

Chef's table

The Chef’s Table is a unique experience where you and 11 others relax around our specially designed demonstration island.

It's a rare opportunity to watch some of today’s top chefs prepare dinner just for you with the chance to ask lots of questions and learn their tips and techniques. Included in the cost of a Chef’s Table is a copy of the recipes along with complimentary specially chosen wines to match the menu. Limited to 12 guests.

Cooking with Confidence

The Cooking with Confidence & Intensive Skills Courses are multi-part hands on courses that focus on the fundamentals of great cooking. The series includes a beginner's level and an intermediate level. Included in the cost of each course are copies of the recipes and dinner with complimentary wine at the end of each class.

Gastro Tour

Gastro Tours are an exclusive insider’s walking and tasting tour around some of London’s best known culinary areas, including South Kensington, Covent Garden, Southall, Portobello Road, Borough Market and Chinatown. These fabulous foodie days culminate in either a feast using ingredients sourced during the tour or with a tutored wine tasting.

*The 10% discount is valid on the day of your class and excludes electricals and food and cannot be combined with any other offer.