How To Have a Healthy Barbeque

The pandemic has given us the time and space to be more mindful of what we eat. Making healthy choices and using fresh local and seasonal produce, has elevated our dining experience. As we move into the warmer seasons, we naturally begin to eat lighter and more vibrant foods that can be cooked quickly and are packed with flavour. One way to do this is with the Lotus Grill BBQ. Combining contemporary style with traditional charcoal barbecuing, the Lotus Grill can tackle healthier cooking either with fast chargrilled results or slow cooking for more tender and succulent results. While retreating in our sun-soaked homes, our verdant gardens or cosy apartment balconies will herald scenes of al fresco dining and ceremonial cookouts. As well as cooking outside that is good for your mental wellbeing, grilling seasonal and local produce on the BBQ can help you build new healthy habits.

“In summer our eating habits change,” says Rebecca Gladman, retail insight manager at Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board. “It’s more about lighter, healthier, quicker things.” Grilled cooking is usually associated with this trend, as the direct heat quickly sears the food and the fat drips through the grill grates and collects neatly underneath, so you don’t end up eating it. That’s why flavour trends for 2021 include Korean and Thai cuisines, which have inspired a surge in al fresco eating. The Lotus Grill BBQ features a grill plate and an easily removable inner bowl where the fat collects and can be easily wiped. The outer frame remains cool and clean so won’t need much more than a wipe over after most cooking sessions, and the inner bowl and grill can be popped straight in the dishwasher. Grilling can therefore reduce fat consumption so barbecuing your food can be a quick, easy and enjoyable way to cook up a healthy meal. 

What’s more, a heathy and cleaner BBQ meals mean a greater attention on flavour. In observing the process and being aware of the food you choose to eat will provide the ultimate taste, satisfaction, and fullness. The Lotus Grill’s patented design creates a bellows effect, forcing air over the charcoal to rapidly create high heat and bypass the smoking stage. So, all you need to do now is sit back, relax, and try not to forget the marinade – all the hard work is being taken care of.

According to David Sugg, store supervisor at Divertimenti, “Grilling is the healthy option. With the Lotus Grill BBQ, you can start cooking in 3 minutes and you can take it anywhere. You know what’s going on it and you know what food you are putting in yourself. To anyone who enjoys a BBQ, who doesn’t want a mess or doesn’t have the space, go for the Lotus Grill. I love them.”

A cleaner and more sustainable BBQ doesn’t mean we should avoid the quintessential BBQ comfort foods, like grilled cheese, burgers, pizza and sausages. The Lotus Grill features optional accessories such as the Grill Hood, which can be used in combination with the Pizza Plate for an authentic pizza oven experience. We can also recreate our nostalgic comfort food in a healthy way. According to the Waitrose 2021 Food Trend report, we expect some of these old BBQ staples to get creative, healthier upgrades, as we plan to spend more time in the garden. What’s special about the Lotus Grill is that the exterior doesn’t get hot during cooking so it can be moved around and placed on the grass or the table. It can also be packed away into a handy carry bag, which you can leave in the back of your car or in your home. You can also control the temperature with the adjustable air flow while barbecuing with charcoal, letting in more or less air to control how hard the fire burns. So now is the perfect time to start grilling and broadening your barbecue repertoire. 

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