Chefs Knives

As the name suggests, no chef would be without their trusty Chef’s Knife, also sometimes referred to as a Cook’s Knife.  This large bladed knife is truly multi-purpose tool and can be used for a wide range of tasks from preparing meat and vegetables, jointing larger cuts of meat right through to finely mincing herbs and garlic.  This workhorse knife is a real kitchen all-star. 

Blade sizes of Chef’s Knifes can vary greatly – ours range between 15cm and 25cm.  Generally following 2 primary styles; European or Japanese blade profiles, finding the right type for your style of cooking is vitally important. 

A European blade, such as the Sabatier and Victorinox knives, tends to have a generous curve to the cutting edge and a double bevelled blade, creating a ‘V’ shaped cutting edge.  Usually forged from high quality, high carbon stainless steel with a full tang handle for strength and stability, this style of knife is perfect for most styles of Western cooking, the hardwearing blades can cut firm root vegetables and sliced effortlessly through large roasting joints.

A Japanese profile blade is better suited to more delicate tasks such as delicate slicing of fish, meats and vegetables, although they will also perform beautifully for normal day to day needs.

Many keen cooks enjoy having both styles at their disposal, so they can always be sure they have the right knife for the job to hand.