Santoku Knives

The classic Japanese general-purpose knife, perfect for slicing, chopping and dicing with its distinctive and unique blade profile can handle an exceptional range of uses, far more than the 3 uses indicated by the original translation of “three virtues” from its Japanese name.

Rather than ‘rocking’ the blade as you would with a European Chef’s Knife, a Santoku works best with a vertical motion, thanks to its unique ‘sheep’s foot’ shaped blade, the cutting edge is straighter and flatter than found on its European counterpart.

Whether using for cutting, slicing, mincing or dicing a Santoku knife is an outstanding kitchen tool to have at your disposal.

The unique pattern on the blades of Japanese blades is created by the multiple layers of high-quality steel which is repeatedly folded and beaten to create not only beautiful looking blades, but also the best possible performance for both strength and sharpness.  Perfectly balanced handles work in harmony with the wide blades to make using these stunning knives truly a joy.