Since 1892, Berard France has been designing and handcrafting exquisite wooden kitchen accessories. Marius Berard started the family business working with local loggers to acquire the wood species he needed to design these beautiful wooden kitchen tools. Located in the Drome Provence, in the south-eastern part of France, the quality of Berard products are the result of century know-how, where master artisans use traditional methods and shapes. These materials are then celebrated in the kitchen pieces Berard France creates. While also devoting itself to environmental sustainability by using 100% of the woods they source, most of the work for Berard France is also done locally. Each piece is carefully handcrafted to meet Bérard’s high standard of quality. Made in Albania from the finest olive wood, these handcrafted utensils offer original beauty (no two are identical) and exceptional convenience in the kitchen.