For over 100 years, the kai company has been producing cutlery according to the traditions of the legendary samurai of old Japan. In the process,
the desire to preserve ancient traditions and to combine them with innovative techniques represents no contradiction, but forms the basis for new products that honour Japanese blacksmithing while meeting modern demands.

With the highest quality standards, kai has made it its mission to produce special knives for daily use. Made from natural resources, shaped and formed according to the expertise of the ancient blacksmithing art of the samurai, kai cooking knives epitomise Japanese craftsmanship carried out with the highest degree of precision. From the design to completion of each individual knife, the focus is
on the development of an integrated and carefully-considered product.

Since beginning as a family business in 1908 as Seki, kai has developed into an international company.

The Kai Shun Classic Series unites centuries-old Japanese Samurai blacksmithing 
with today's modern and technically-sophisticated manufacturing processes. 
The result is an exceedingly high-quality range of Damascus knives, engineered 
with attention to the most minute details and designed to always retain its sharpness. 

The Shun Engetsu Editions (translated: full moon), is a very limited* and special series to celebrate Kai 20th anniversary. 71 alternating layers of VG10 and VG2 stainless steels create a unique and extraordinary blade pattern, giving multiple zones of performance along the cutting edge. The symmetrical shaped handle is made from pakka wood and impresses with its gallant royal blue/black wood grain and artful inlay. In combination with a forged bolster and solid end cap, the handle ensures a perfect balance when cutting.

* The EU contingent is restricted to 1,996 pieces from the worldwide limited series and is exclusively marked with a serial number on the end cap.

Kai Shun Chef's Knife 15cm | Japanese Chefs Knife
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Kai Shun Slicing Knife 23cm | Japanese Chefs Knife
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Kai Shun Santoku Knife 18cm
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Kai Shun 10cm Paring Knife | Japanese Knives
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Kai Shun Engetsu 18cm Santoku Knife
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Kai Shun Engetsu 20cm Chef Knife
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Kai Shun Santoku Knife 16cm
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Kai Shun 22.5cm Bread Knife | Japanese Knife
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