Introducing Jules Kane - Head of our Cookery School

In the heart of our vibrant culinary community, Divertimenti Cookery School has long stood as a beacon for those passionate about cooking, whether they're budding home chefs or seasoned professionals seeking to refine their skills. As we turn the page to a new chapter in our storied history, we're thrilled to introduce Jules Kane, our new Head of the Cookery School, whose vision and expertise promise to elevate our culinary offerings to new heights.

Jules brings a wealth of experience and a fresh perspective to the role, blending traditional techniques with innovative culinary trends to create a learning experience that's both enriching and thoroughly modern. Her approach is not just about mastering the how-tos of cooking but also understanding the why behind what we cook and eat, ensuring that our courses inspire creativity and passion in every dish.


Q: What sparked your interest in cooking and led you to become a chef?

I come from a big family and watching my Mum having to prepare big meals was always at the centre of my childhood, and in addition to that, if my father had not gone in advertising he would have become a chef as his passion is cooking


Q: Can you name a chef or mentor who has been influential in your cooking journey?

Alastair Little was my mentor throughout my career after meeting him at a photoshoot in Divertimenti many years ago!


Q: What's the most valuable lesson you've learned in the kitchen?

Time management and clean up as you go!


Q: What's your favourite cuisine to cook and why?

I love Thai food after spending lots of time travelling there. I adore the balance of flavours the cuisine offers and all the fresh flavours the ingredients bring to the dishes.


Q: Tell us a bit about what we can expect from the Divertimenti Cookery School?

The classes are filled with variety of subjects some skilled based and other cuisine led, to immerse you in new ingredients, skills & recipes to inspire you to cook more adventurously at home.


Q: What can a complete beginner expect from a class at your school?

It a perfect environment for people just starting out on the cooking journey, the classes are small and personal, and you have the teacher guiding you through all the stages to ensure are taking each step of the recipes. We have an assistant on hand to help at any part when you might need extra support. The feedback we have had from complete beginners is really encouraging from gaining confidence to learning a new skills in a friendly space.


Q: How does the school stay ahead with upcoming food trends?

We are very lucky to have so many new cookery writers & chefs wanting to teach at the school our classes are often a great place for new emerging talent to teach their first classes, in the past we have hosted Gordon Ramsey’s first class at the school, along with Tom Kerridge, so we are lucky to be considered a great place for the chefs to connect with customers.


Q: Is there a particular cooking technique that you feel every chef should master?

Knife skills are so vital for cooking, not only does it improve how your food looks on your plate but it reduces wastage and ensure you get the most from your ingredients.


Q: How does the cookery school cater to dietary requirements?

At the point of booking we ask each customer to communicate about any allergies, so then we can check the recipes & speak to the teacher to ensure we can accommodate this on the day, safely.


Q: Do you have a dream mentor or chef from whom you would love to receive a cooking lesson?

When I first starting my journey into restaurant kitchens, I worked at Le Gavroche, the first year that Michelle Roux Jr took over from his father Albert Roux, it would be amazing to be reunited all the years later at the school, perhaps Michelle Roux might have the opportunity to come and cook with us one day soon…


Q: What's a unique cooking tool you recommend every home chef should have from Divertimenti?

A microplane grater in my mind I couldn’t live without, from cheese to garlic, ginger, nutmeg & chocolate it’s a must have and saves washing up a bigger piece of equipment.


Q: How can we keep up with Divertimenti on social media?

We regularly update Instagram with images from our classes, all the fantastic menus & creations from classes along with up and coming information on who might be coming to teach at the school, we also send out regular newsletters with up and coming classes.


Q: Working in top restaurants like Le Gavroche and Bibendum provided you with invaluable experience. Could you share one of the most important lessons you learned during that time?

I think working in top London restaurants taught me how to respect ingredients you are often cooking with the finest produce at any time so you learn how to look after that, it is best to have a smaller amount of a fine ingredient cooked to perfection.


Q: Nutrition seems to be a cornerstone of your cuisine. How do you balance health with flavour in your recipes?

I always look at how a dish can be made more nutritious, for example adding in shredded spinach to a sauce, blending nuts into a soup, adding a handful of toasted seeds into a dressing. These small additions mean you can increase the nutrition simply with dishes you already create rather than following a brand-new menu programme



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