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The Divertimenti Cookery School

Our school opened in 2002 and has always been an inspirational space in which to learn new skills with the finest equipment, carefully selected cookware & electricals. Based in the heart of our Knightsbridge store on Brompton Road, the school is situated in the perfect London location.

You will be learning in a beautifully designed kitchen which provides a warm welcoming environment that can accommodate everything from group cookery classes to intimate chef’s tables, with the versatility to suit everyone.

Our partners have been chosen with great care, as all our equipment must stand up to the day-to-day rigours of our cookery school – much like a professional kitchen, that you can enjoy using whilst creating your own amazing dishes in class to give you the best possible experience when cooking with us.

Our classes and outstanding range of teachers will help you hone your gastronomic skills, even if you are a complete novice or a dab hand in the kitchen. We love highlighting new upcoming food trends and championing the rising stars within the culinary world.

To learn more about the Harvey Jones Linear Range please visit here

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We are very proud to working with some of the world's leading brands within our Cookery School

Divertimenti Cookery School


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