Think ‘French porcelain’ and the image that is most likely to come to mind will be classic, beautifully crafted and typically gleaming white baking dishes and tableware. From ramekins to souffle dishes, gratin dishes to baking dishes – or the classic ‘lion head’ (Tête de Lion) soup bowl that makes any classic French onion soup taste even more authentic – the dish is likely to be made, or at least inspired, by Pillivuyt.

Louis Charles Pillivuyt established his factory in the Berry region in the centre of France over 200 years ago. Today the company remains in the same town of Mehun-sur-Yèvre as it was founded. By 1823 the Pillivuyt name was already established worldwide as a leader in French porcelain and the company won acclaim at global exhibitions and London and Paris throughout the 19th century. As French chefs came to define international gastronomy, so Pillivuyt came to define fine dining.

To this day, every piece of Pillivuyt porcelain is made using traditional methods in France and the company is the proud holder of the Enterprise du Patrimoine Vivant label, reserved for French companies with a distinguished history and authentic know-how.

Traditionally found in restaurants, it was Divertimenti’s founders who in the 1960s recognised the potential of this iconic brand to fit within the kitchens and tables of home cooks. Thus Divertimenti was the first shop to launch Pillivuyt in the UK and we’re proud to still be the UK’s premier – and longest standing – Pillivuyt stockist over 50 years later. We stock an incredible range of Pillivuyt and if you can find something that we don’t have, we can usually special order it for you. You’ll even find their tableware used in our famous Divertimenti Cookery School.

Porcelain has many advantages as a baking and tableware material. As it is 100% non-porous, it can be taken directly from the fridge or freezer and placed into the oven. With other porous materials, such as some stoneware or terracotta, moisture in the body of the pot when frozen will expand on heating – causing it to crack: porcelain avoids this problem. It’s also very easy to clean – the high-fired brilliant white glaze won’t stain and is dishwasher safe. Importantly, as it’s widely used in professional environments, it’s tough – so it won’t chip or crack easily. Most pieces are designed to stack or nest easily, for practical storage.