Silpat Baking Mat

What is Silpat?

Put simply, the Silpat is the original non-stick baking mat and the only one to consider. It is durable, reusable and available in multiple sizes. 


A Silpat never needs oils, greases or sprays It replaces the need for parchment paper or foil, is fully reusable and cuts out waste. It won’t taint flavours, so can be used for savoury dishes or decadent baking. Ingredients won’t stick to a Silpat so they’re ideal for the preparation of batters, tuiles, caramel or doughs.

How to clean Silpat?

Silpat can be placed in the dishwasher or wiped with a cloth to clean. 

Silpat History

Developed by the French baker and engineer, Guy Demarle, in 1965, he combined natural silicone with a fibreglass core to produce a flexible baking sheet that was completely heat resistant, non-stick and with just the right degree of flexibility.

Using his own Silpat sheets, Demarle quickly gained a reputation for baking the best baguettes in France. No surprise then, that since that time any bakery or restaurant in France will be using M. Demarle’s mats. Every Silpat is still made in Lille in France in the original factory.

For domestic cooks, Silpat’s reputation was realised to an international audience when Martha Stewart regularly advised her audience during her television shows “you’re going to need your Silpat after the break!”

Silpat moulds are made in different sizes and marked out for different recipes – from bread baking to perfect cookies and macaron sheets. They’re a perfect fit for most standard-sized baking tins.

More recently, Silpat has taken its professional experience of baking moulds found in professional kitchens to introduce a range designed for home bakers, with sheet sizes designed for domestic ovens. These moulds are ideal for individually-baked pieces, where they allow for quicker, cleaner and easier results – particularly when releasing bakes from the mould – and incredible, professional levels of consistency.

Silpat moulds can’t be compared to the basic domestic silicone baking moulds that exist. Pick up a Silpat mould and the difference is immediately clear – the layered glass fibre textile mat is layered with highest-grade silicone mould forms for a sheet that offers both easy release, predictable and even cooking results and good shape definition. Once you’ve tried one piece, we think you’ll want to swap all of your bakeware.

Divertimenti was proud to be selected as Silpat’s original UK retailer for the baking moulds and we also use Silpat in the Divertimenti Cookery School. You’ll find a full selection of Silpat baking sheets and moulds at Divertimenti, many of them exclusively stocked by us in the UK.

The Silpat baking mould range includes madeleine and mini madeleine moulds, brownie bites, mini loaf pans, muffin and mini muffin pans, fluted cake and tartelette moulds.