Product Review: Microplane Bowl Grater

Introducing the new Microplane laser-cut bowl grater, with rounded handled ends. Combining preparation and serving to make quick work of healthy lunch salads.

This bowl grater, as its name suggests is to be used on top or against the edge of a bowl. Grate directly into the bowl to save time and effort; the rubber surround is designed to hold your work steady. Use it to shred large amounts of vegetables or soft cheeses; great for grating cauliflower for a healthy alternative to rice. 

From start to finish, this Mediterranean salad of cauliflower rice, cucumber, onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, as well as good virgin olive oil and some citrus juice, takes only 10 minutes. We served it up in a piece of excellent Wonki Ware.

Put the grater over the bowl of your leafy green salads to garnish them with ingredients such as radishes or carrots. Experience the ease and speed of preparing healthy food with this tool.

Additionally, it would be useful during preparation of potato rosti, coconut cakes, or crunchy slaw, just to name a few. This coarse flat grater that is dishwasher safe and easy to clean is the perfect choice for any cook! Get your hands on one today and let us know what you think.


Most famous for graters and zesters, the brand has revolutionised the way chefs and cooks grate and zest. The American family-owned and managed company designs and crafts 40+ kitchen tools. Started in the 1990s creating woodworking tools, the trademarked long and narrow, rasp-style tool, featuring stainless steel razors was the first of it's kind.
It all changed in 1994, when a Canadian homemaker picked up a new woodworking tool, in complete frustration over using a dull grater for the preparation of an orange cake recipe. Sliding the orange across the Microplane tool, she was amazed at how beautifully it worked, with total ease, speed, and efficiency. At this point, Microplane crossed over from the wood shop to the kitchen and in a short period of time has earned a permanent place. Today, culinary professionals and savvy home cooks consider Microplane to be an essential kitchen tool for food preparation.

How Microplane is different

Most graters on the market use a stamped metal process. In this process, the teeth are made the same thickness as the rest of the blade. As a result, stamped blades are dull. Microplane utilises a chemical process called photo-etching that defines and sharpens the edge of each tooth on the grater. The result is a much sharper tooth, and long-lasting, ultra-sharp stainless steel blades. Just watch your fingers, use the cut resistent glove when grating whole ingredients or particular small ones.

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