Since its founder, Karl Theodor Rösle, started his company in 1888, it has remained a family-owned and run business, still based in the small town of Marktoberdorf in Bavaria, Germany.

Although originally a manufacturer of industrial roofing materials, by the 1930s the company was producing kitchen utensils. Rösle was the original developer of the ‘Open Kitchen’ concept, which instead of relegating the humble kitchen tool to the back of the kitchen drawer, proudly displayed spoons, turners, can openers and garlic presses on stainless steel rails. Like a professional kitchen, they were easily to hand and ready for use.

This approach has had a profound impact on how Rösle tools are designed. Crossing the boundaries between home and professional use, and between functional tool and desirable kitchen must-have, pick up any Rösle tool and you’ll be immediately struck by how well it fits in the hand and how built-to-last it feels. Not to mention how stylish it looks.

Delve a little deeper and you’ll discover the engineering know-how and practical benefits that are built into any Rösle utensil. Pick up their kitchen tongs – a kitchen must-have and many chef’s go-to tool – and you’ll discover the patented locking mechanism. Turn them upside down, and they’ll lock for storage or for placing on the worktop. Pick them up, one-handed, and they’ll open again, ready for use. Ideal in a busy kitchen which you don’t have both hands spare.

The Rösle garlic press has a special leverage mechanism that required minimal effort to squeeze even multiple garlic cloves - they don’t even need to be peeled first. A built-in scraper lifts the pureed garlic out, ready for use and the whole mechanism opens up for easy cleaning.

Even the item that is frequently the least-loved in the kitchen – the humble can opener – has been re-engineered by Rösle. Made entirely from stainless steel (for ease of cleaning and a long, long life), the Rösle can opener works simply to remove the lid with almost no effort. It leaves behind a clean edge on the rim that isn’t sharp and has pliers to nip and lift the lid – no need to get fingers in the tomato sauce. Cleverest of all, it makes such a clean job of removing the lid that you’ll find it fits perfectly back onto the open can for storage. No need for clingfilm on open tins, ever again.

Divertimenti has been a stockist of Rösle since the brand was first introduced into the UK and today has possibly the widest selection of their range of tools and kitchenware to be found. We use Rösle tools in the Divertimenti Cookery School so we can speak with confidence as to how well they stand up to even the most demanding use.

We’ve noticed when we’re working with top chefs on equipping their home kitchens that Rösle is almost always their go-to range for utensils, whisks and mixing bowls – a great recommendation for the brand.